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Russia has warned the US that it is “one step away” from military clashes after President Trump airstrikes on Syria. Read peerless reporting, analysis and comment from The Times as the world responds to America’s show of force
In Britain, Theresa May is being urged against a rush to military action while Labour MPs clash over Jeremy Corbyn’s condemnation of the strikes
What does it all mean? As our Middle East Correspondent explains, the international fallout leaves America isolated in the battle against Isis and coming to terms with another unsavoury engagement in the region
Elsewhere in today’s edition, David Aaronovitch tells how his adulterous father used childcare as a cover for his affairs
Russia and US ‘one step’ from clash
Moscow warned that the United States was “one step away from military clashes with Russia” yesterday when President Trump targeted the Assad regime in Syria with the greatest show of American firepower in more than a decade
Chinese leader loses face after world backs assault
America’s allies praised Donald Trump’s decision to launch missiles against President Assad’s military, but the move appeared to have left China, a crucial world player, smarting
Troubled Southern ‘should hand over services’
A suppressed report into a series of problems at Britain’s biggest rail operator will call for the company to be cut back, The Times has learnt
Hottest weekend of the year after the driest winter heralds new hosepipe ban
As Britain prepares for a sweltering weekend, there are fears the south of England could be hit with water restrictions
Putin knows now how easily Trump is goaded
Matthew Parris: it’s satisfying to see Assad given a bloody nose but the US has no strategic plan and Britain would do well to hang back
The rich should never have their bins emptied
Giles Coren: instead of bleating about fortnightly collections, well-off residents need to get their fingers out and start recycling
Shoppers massacred in Stockholm lorry attack
Two men were arrested last night in the hunt for a terrorist who drove a lorry down a crowded pedestrian street in Stockholm, killing at least four people and injuring 15 more
Trump ‘was briefed on putting nukes in South Korea’
President Trump’s security advisers have proposed putting US nuclear weapons in South Korea or assassinating Kim Jong-un as possible responses to North Korea’s nuclear programme, according to reports
‘Some people called us snakes after Ranieri left. It made us angry’
Leicester’s Danny Simpson tells Henry Winter how their title defence turned sour and why things are better now
Calamity for Willett but García in hunt to shed nearly-man tag
Danny Willett’s defence of the Masters title is in tatters after a quadruple bogey on the opening hole
Lloyds chiefs face grilling over fraud
A new independent lawyer’s investigation into the handling of the HBOS Reading fraud will go to the very top of Lloyds Banking Group
Transport secretary in the spotlight after HS2 contract is derailed
The transport secretary and the chairman of HS2 must face MPs to explain the crisis at the top of the government’s high-speed rail agency
The doctor who tweaks the faces of millennials
How far will today’s twentysomethings go to attain the perfect selfie? Dr Tijion Esho’s cosmetic practice is inundated with young women wanting Botox and fillers just to get more likes on Instagram
‘When my daughter died, I never thought I’d feel anything again’
Jane Birkin has made a new album at 70 – it has helped her come to terms with the death of her eldest daughter three years ago. She talks about her loss for the first time
Monday Review
Idris Elba is on a mission
The actor grew up in 1970s London, so personal passion has driven his role in a drama about that era’s toxic race relations
Future Islands: ‘To do this is psychologically damaging’
The electro-pop band put themselves through the emotional wringer to make their music
Salmond: strike may worsen crisis
America’s intervention in Syria is likely to make a dangerous situation worse, Alex Salmond has said
Driver who killed vet after all-day drinking session jailed for 12 years
A drink-driver who killed a vet in a head-on collisionon the wrong side of the road has been jailed for 12 years
Fine Gael leadership battle ‘behind water row’
A rivalry between Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney for the Fine Gael leadership is to blame for the Irish Water row, Micheál Martin has claimed
Attorney-general criticised over Fennelly findings
Alan Shatter has accused the attorney-general of “gross and serious misjudgment” based on the findings of the report on the garda taping scandal

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