Lorenzo: “I still don’t have the riding style for the bike”

‘Spartan’ leads for the first time in red before a more difficult finish in P8

Jorge Lorenzo (Ducati Team) got a stunning start in the Italian GP, but after leading for the first time for the Borgo Panigale factory, the five-time World Champion had a more “so-so” race. Coming home in eighth, Lorenzo feels he is still lacking the riding style modifications in order to extract the most from the Desmosedici – but says he’ll do whatever it takes to get back in the fight.

Jorge Lorenzo, P8: “The positive thing is that Ducati won today and Petrucci finished in third place, so it’s brilliant for Ducati. I had a good start and also the first two laps I led the race for the first time in my Ducati career, but then it was quite a so-so race for me: slow pace, and I still don’t have the riding style that the bike wants to be competitive most of the time. We were not so far but we’re missing about half-a-second, especially in the middle of the corners; a lot of riders overtook me on the inside, which has never happened to me so clearly we are missing something.I said on Friday that the bike was ready to win and they won and finished very close with Petrucci.

Riders who brake so hard, so late, they enter the corners with a lot of confidence, and they ride the logical way but it looks like it is the good way for this bike at the moment. We hope to change the bike for the future and adapt it more to my riding style, but until this happens I will have to do whatever it takes to be competitive like the hard brakers.

“At Montmelo anything can happen. In the test at Mugello I was slower than Michele and Andrea, much, much slower, but during the weekend I improved a little bit but obviously we’re missing something here. Montmelo I was the fastest Ducati over the two days, so anything can change and I think we can be a little more competitive.”

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